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The  Valley Settlement House is a non-profit social service agency servicing the Oranges (East Orange, Orange, South Orange & West Orange). Our service population has also extended into the neighboring cities of Newark, Maplewood and Irvington.


The mission of the Valley Settlement House (VSH) is to promote and afford opportunities for the family and each of its members to find and develop his/her potentialities for a positive life in the home, neighborhood and community.

Our History

The history of the Valley Settlement House as a multi-service community agency is well over one hundred years old. We provide a wide range of programs targeted at general community support, and particularly, at assisting families in stability and growth services.

VSH is the oldest "settlement" in New Jersey and the third oldest in the United States. A brochure written in the year 1900 about the Valley Settlement House made this statement: 

"A settlement is not a charity, a mission nor an institution; It is a home, and as such seeks to respond to the needs of a neighborhood through personal friendly relations with its neighbors; It strives "to express the meaning of life in terms of life itself." Naturally, the estimate of its usefulness is not reckoned in figures but in terms of understanding and love...." 

This concept of neighborhood concern and outreach is as much a part of the VSH philosophy today as it was in the year 1900.

Cultural Diversity:

The original purpose of Settlement Houses throughout the country was to help immigrants assimilate into the social structure of America. As is, "the Settlement House tradition", the VSH continues to service a large number of immigrants from South America and the Caribbean Islands.  Our present population allows us to continue serving in our conceptual capacity. Currently 90% of our families are equally divided between African American, Latino, and Haitian backgrounds. The remaining ten percent (10%) is ethnically diverse. Many of these families have bilingual and bi-cultural members. Presently both social service and support staff are fluent in the primary languages spoken by our families. We are prepared to issue all of our information in three languages and can assist clients with translation services.

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